Here is a great video explaining the science of nutritional ketosis by Dr. Stephen Phinney

Have you tried the keto diet or are you living the ketogenic lifestyle right now? It can be a challenge to adhere to but the benefits are fantastic. Not only weight loss but mental clarity and energy. And… you get to eat bacon! And don’t forget to save that bacon grease to cook your eggs in. This is a great way to save it TAP HERE

There are so many great kinds of bacon out there. I like to get this one and keep it in the car for ’emergencies.’ I call it my ‘car bacon.’ My wife thinks I’m weird LOL.

If you need some help with your keto diet or fasting I invite you to join this powerful program that I put together. It’s a mix of education, coaching, support, and hypnosis. People that have joined have had incredible, even life-changing results.

If you’d like more keto tips just search keto on the home page search bar and a lot of my articles will come up. You can watch the KETO playlist over at my website channel for even more info – TAP HERE.

Take Care, Be Well, Be Awesome!


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