Comedy Hypnosis Show For Kids

Fun Show! https://youtube.com/shorts/fQINrOtmEog?feature=share Super Fun Comedy Hypnosis Show Such a fun group of kids to hypnotize. ❤️? #kidshypnosis #motivationalspeakers...

Nutritional Ketosis

Here is a great video explaining the science of nutritional ketosis by Dr. Stephen Phinney Have you tried the keto diet or are you living the ketogenic lifestyle right now? It can be a challenge to adhere to but the benefits are fantastic. Not only weight loss but...

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!   I found this meme and crossed out the ‘great’ and replaced it with ‘all’ because many women around the world are still not allowed the opportunity to be ‘great’*.   Dozens of countries around...
If It Says ‘Keto’ On The Label, Run Like Hell!

If It Says ‘Keto’ On The Label, Run Like Hell!

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only link to products that I personally like and use unless otherwise specified.    If it says ‘KETO’ on the label, run like hell. Or at least...


Are you perfect yet? Me neither. Damn it! ? But I am on a lifelong mission to every day become just a little bit better than I was yesterday. With each birth of a new morning we too have an opportunity for a new birth. A rebirth. Regardless of where you came from or...
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