They say that opinions are like a-holes everyone has one. But what if that wasn’t the case? At least for the former.

I often think of original ideas and then find that someone else already had that idea 🤣

It turns out that I was in good company. I just came across this quote from Marcus Aurelius who said, “You always own the option of having no opinion.”

I thought maybe I had invented the idea 😏

A couple of years ago someone asked me my opinion on something, and after a brief pause, I simply said, “I have no opinion on that.” They seemed surprised, and to be honest, I was too.

I, like many of us thought that I did, or at least should have an opinion on anything that I come into contact with.

But I found that time and time again I could simply let things go without forming an opinion of them.

Of course, if I gave it more thought, and mental energy, I could certainly form an opinion. But there are many things that don’t warrant me expending the energy on.

You see, something I’ve discovered is that I am less limited by time that i have in a given day, than I am by my mental focus and energy.

Every decision we make, opinion we form, etc. throughout the day, takes a little bit of the energy that we could otherwise use for more important things – Spending time on our goals, having a meaningful conversation, or just thinking.

For example, I would much rather spend my finite mental energy engaging with you right now with this social media post, than spending that finite mental energy on forming an opinion of which shade of white I prefer to paint a wall.

What are you spending your mental energy on? Is it worth it?



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