Do you want to be a stage hypnotist?

This one is for the hypnotists! If you’re wanting to be a comedy stage hypnotist or do speaking events with hypnosis demonstrations watch this video to find out my recommendation which you can start doing TODAY! ? Below you’ll also find the hypnosis...

Got Fear?

Finally got to meet up with my buddy Wes Williams. I’ve been on stage fairly regularly for over 20 years but two things is still scary me – #1 Karaoke. So obviously I signed up to sing ??. The inability to manage fear can kill success in every area of your...

Isn’t it time?

Have you ever caught yourself haha-ing at one of my World Premiere Memes or other funny posts? Have you been inspired by one of my ‘deep thoughts’? Then isn’t it time you experienced my comedy hypnosis show or one of my motivational talks for your...

I just got a call from a smoker…

I just got off the phone with a smoker who wants to quit with hypnosis. They have emphysema, kidney problems, and other smoking related challenges. ❌ Can’t breathe – oxygen tank dependent. ❌ Only gets out of the house for medical appointments....
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