The most important truth regarding success

https://www.jimkellnerhypnotist.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/20200427_1141551.mp4 #MotivationMonday Yes, it is Monday. I think ? While I was out on my walk today I started thinking about some of the personal development books that I’ve read, seminars...

How Committed Are You To Staying Stuck With Your Fear And Anxiety?

Just how committed are you to remaining stuck with your fear, anxiety, and uncontrolled thoughts? Far too many people cling to anxiety like it’s part of their identity. What if you didn’t have to live like that anymore? What if you could be liberated? How...

Are you allowing your childhood to get in the way?

#MotivationMonday There is no doubt that our experiences have an impact on us. The amount that they shape our lives greatly depends on how much we let it. It’s not always easy to get past these things but it’s worth the work to do so. ?? Yes, hypnosis can...

12 Years and a lot of pounds ago!

Just ran across this old gem – me 12 years and a lot of pounds ago ?. Can you guess which one I am? It used to hurt just walking across the room. I hated exercise. Now I like it! And exercise regularly. ? I used to be eating constantly and still felt hungry....
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