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Hello Hypnotists & Other Entrepreneurs!

Are you looking for help to launch or level up your business? You’ve come to the right place. While I am a hypnotist (comedy stage hypnotist & hypnotherapist) and motivational speaker I help a variety of entrepreneurs from life coaches, to artists, and even real estate agents, and many more to achieve greater success in their businesses.

Here you’ll find upcoming conferences that I’m speaking at and courses and training that I’m offering which will help you to launch or level up in whatever career you’ve chosen.

Here is a FREE module you can take advantage of right now. No cost, no-obligation, and no credit card required. This module contains my class, “Hypnotic Confidence” and companion hypnosis sessions for hypnotists. It contains my class “Kick-Ass Self Esteem” along with the companion hypnosis session for other entrepreneurs.

It also has several helpful tutorials and my recommendations for an excellent book to help to shake off the old mindset and step into the new badass, you.

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