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Wow, this woman was a great candidate for hypnosis! She went deep really quickly.

You’ll notice I had to act fast when her knees buckled and I had to stabilize her physically and give her hypnotic suggestions to make her legs strong and firm. It’s so amazing the power of hypnosis. I’m still surprised sometimes at just how powerful it is when I’m doing my comedy hypnosis show in Phoenix or Seattle or somewhere else at the comedy clubs, corporate shows, and nonprofit ones as well.

The really crazy ones are high school grad nights and after prom shows. The kids are such great hypnosis candidates. They drop quickly and deeply. It’s such a great opportunity to show young people the power of hypnosis and to entertain them at the same time. Hypnotizing people in the streets of Vegas was a blast.

There’s nothing like hypnotizing 10 or 15 people in an evening to really test your skills. It’s a great way to build your hypnotic skills and confidence if you’re a new hypnotist as well. And it’s a lot of fun to play with various hypnotic- phenomenon and as you’ll note I personally always leave my subject with powerful positive hypnosis suggestions to help them if they’re trying to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce or whatever they really want to work on. If you’re going to do Street hypnosis, why not take the opportunity to leave your subject with those powerful hypnotic suggestions to help them make the changes in their life that they want to make?

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