im Kellner, CHt is a recent transplant to Phoenix, AZ from the Pacific Northwest where he worked in one of the busiest hypnosis clinics in the area. He received his professional training at Hypnosis & NLP Dynamics and received continuing training from Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers. He attended NLP Practitioner training from the Empowerment Partnership.

Jim works with clients personally while Washington state while in the area and via Skype and/or the telephone.  He maintains an office at North Mountain Cardio in Phoenix, AZ. where he sees clients individually and offers classes as well.  

Jim completed over 800 hours of training in massage therapy at Ashmead College and enjoyed working with clients as a Licensed Massage Practitioner for over 10 years before shifting his focus to hypnotherapy. He has taught massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, as well as related topics at Bellevue Massage School and Cambridge College as part of their state licensure programs. He has also taught classes in nutrition, psycholinguistics, and a range of other topics related to good mental and physical health and wellness at Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers.

Jim has helped thousands of people lose weight, decrease pain, stress & anxiety, and fears & phobias, quit smoking and make many other incredible changes in their life simply by helping them to tap into the strength and power of their other-than-conscious mind.

He is uniquely qualified to work with clients because he has faced many of their same challenges. He utilized hypnosis to quit smoking over 10 years ago and to lose and keep off over 60 lbs. In fact, he can still remember and will likely never forget having to hold his breath to tie his shoe laces. He discovered through this journey that losing weight isn’t always just a matter of “eat less and move more”.


Headlining comedy hypnotist Jim Kellner has been fascinated with hypnosis since he was a teenager, when he once tried to hypnotize his little sister using a library book. Unfortunately, young Jim’s room remained UN-cleaned…  

Jim has entertained audiences for over 15 years as an on-stage performer, and has helped countless individuals improve their lives in his off-stage hypnotherapy practice. As a clinical hypnotherapist, Jim’s clients have seen dramatic results with goals to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce pain, cure phobias and change their lives for good using the power of their own minds.  Putting the power of hypnosis together with his background in stand-up comedy, Jim Kellner has become one of the top comedy hypnotists.  Every stage hypnosis show is unpredictable, unique, and interactive — but the laughter is guaranteed.  

So will YOU be the star of the show?  Your friend?  Your family member?  And most importantly… will Jim Kellner’s room ever get cleaned??

How and why I became a Hypnotherapist.


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