Would you like to take a virtual vacation?

I know a lot of us are really struggling with being stuck at home. Would you like to take a virtual vacation? If so, just tap the link below for my ‘Spirit of Aloha’ hypnosis. ?❤️??...

Hardcore Parkour!

Are you ready? Can you handle it? I was going to film some new Hardcore Parkour for my friends and fan but was strongly advised against it by my business manager. (She scares me) This is not the time to end up in the hospital and risk catching… The Corona ?....

Fun New Merch

As many of you know I’m a hypnotherapist – I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from those of you that have recently downloaded my recordings – thank you! I’m also a comedy stage hypnotist – I believe strongly in the healing power of...

From Fear To Freedom

Hello Pretty People! If you or someone you care about is fearful or anxious about the state of the world at the moment, this video may help ❤️. (In case you missed the live version of this) I’m sorry about the quality of the video – I had some technical...

Free Hypnosis Recordings

I’m offering any individual hypnosis recording at my site at no cost for the next little while. 1 per person please. Use code PRETTY. • Stop Procrastination • Deep Sleep • Healthy Lifestyle • & More • #HowMayIServe...
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