HypnoBiz Europe

HypnoBiz Europe! September 18th and 19th 2020. [https://www.hypnobizeurope.com/hypnobiz-europe34086830] #conference #training #Europe...

I’m Almost Famous

When your son’s girlfriend says ‘I saw you hypnotize Jubal – that was funny.’ 😊 I hadn’t even mentioned it to to them because they never watch any of my stuff 🀨. She just came across across it watching the Fresh Till Death POTcast 😁. Am I...

My love language is bacon!

Okay, so you’ve missed the deadline to get your Damn I’m Pretty!ℒ️ gear in time for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, you blew it. But don’t be too hard on yourself – You’ve still got time to order forΒ  Texas Independence day, Read Across...

Will you join me at the Heartland Hypnosis Convention?

I’m so looking forward to going to the Heartland Hypnosis Conference this year – April 24th-26th. I’ll be teaching some great stuff (see below) AND learning from some WORLD-CLASS HYPNOTISTS as well. I hope you can join us! Register here...

  Did you get your tickets yet? Detective Jack Ash is back to solve crimes and harass the guilty. And perhaps the innocent as well 😎 One week from today at Maggiano’s in Bellevue Washington. Tap the link and get your tickets now! #murdermystery...
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