Exploring Awesome Podcast Hypnosis FAQ’s

Have you ever wondered about hypnosis? These are some questions I’ve gotten and answer in this episode – Do you have to be psychic to do hypnosis?
Will I make you bark like a dog?
How can hypnosis be used for funny stuff AND therapeutic work as well?

Guided Meditation – A Virtual Vacation

While taking this guided meditation virtual vacation, you may even experience many of the same psychological and physiological effects of actually going to a beach. Research has shown that what we vividly imagine in the mind can have a profound effect and the mind and body and its health.

Tips For Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation

Tips For Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation

Here are some tips to help you quit smoking or lose weight. Hypnosis is my obvious favorite but I’ll share some other tips as well. Oftentimes people wonder how hypnosis can help them to lose weight, quit smoking, do better in school, etc. It’s not the...

What can hypnosis help with?

What a remarkable story on using hypnosis to help with what must be a devastating experience. While hypnotherapy is probably most known for helping people to help with weight loss or quitting smoking it can help with so many other things as well. People often ask me...


*PLEASE* like, comment and share! 🙏🏼 Get a free hypnosis download at JimKellnerHypnotist.com/free-hypnosis **************************************************** This hypnosis video was shot on the beach at Alki in Seattle, WA. In the video, I work with two guys doing...