Family, Friends, and Fan,
I can’t even begin to list all of the people, pets, things, and events over the last year that I am grateful for. What a ride it’s been!

2023 is looking to be even more awesome, truly EPIC.

I saw this meme a few days ago and it really hit home for me. I spent a lot of wasted years being too shy to talk to people and suffered from such low self-esteem I didn’t feel capable of doing very much. I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t feel like I could.

I am glad to have finally broken free from those huge limitations. I mean huge!

If you’d like to break free from your own limitations try this –

Take an Acting Class

Do like I did and take an acting class – even though it scares the hell out of you. It scared the hell out of me too! But taking an acting class can help you to get over shyness and even low self-esteem. When you’re shy, it’s hard to try new things and be brave. But if you sign up for an acting class, you’ll have to do things that might feel scary at first. This can help you feel more confident and not afraid to try new things. Trying new things is the only way to move forward in life.

• Acting classes can also help you learn how to express your feelings and thoughts in a way that feels real. When you’re shy, it’s hard to say what you mean. But in an acting class, you’ll learn how to use your voice and body to show how you feel. This can help you feel more comfortable saying what you mean in everyday life.

• Acting classes can also help you make friends and feel connected to other people. You’ll also find that many performers are actually shy just like you. They just make a decision to work on getting over it.

• You’ll also learn how to “act confident”. And when you act confident you become confident.

• Lastly, acting and performing in front of an audience can be incredibly fun! I always get a “high” when I’m onstage.

You could also try improv classes or Toastmasters. Most community colleges offer some kind of acting classes either for college credit or just as a community class. Check into it and start living the life you’ve dreamed of.

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Check out this 30-Day Discomfort Challenge – https://www.mattessam.co.uk/free-resources/the-30-day-discomfort-challenge


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