Are you perfect yet? Me neither. Damn it! ?

But I am on a lifelong mission to every day become just a little bit better than I was yesterday.

With each birth of a new morning we too have an opportunity for a new birth. A rebirth.

Regardless of where you came from or where you are right now, you can create something new or just enhanced. ??

Today we have the concurrence of the start of a new week and the start of a new month.

Is there something you’ve decided to work on or would like to? It’s a fine day to start. Personally, I am revisiting Ben Franklin‘s virtues.

If you’re unfamiliar with him or his virtues you might look into it, it’s very interesting. Essentially, Ben as a young man decided that there were a lot of areas in his character that could use improvement.

He decided to work to change them. He outlined 13 different virtues and then chose to focus on just one each week and keep track of how well he did. He made little charts that he carried with him to keep track.

‘What gets measured improves’. By simply measuring your results you will make improvement.

Some of his virtues included things like temperance, cleanliness, frugality, etc but you wouldn’t need to focus necessarily on HIS virtues because there may be others that are more important to you.

While we are primarily focused on just one of the virtues per week it doesn’t mean that we abandon all the rest. But focusing on too many things as once causes almost certain failure in all.

What would you work on this week? For me, it’s frugality! I’m canceling my custom order yacht and getting a rubber ducky for the bath ?


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