I am frequently reminded of and  amazed at the power of hypnosis. You never really know exactly how someone’s going to respond to hypnosis which is true of nearly everything having to do with human physiology and psychology. People are different.

Some people react super quickly – sometimes overnight or even in just a few minutes. Others just take a little bit longer.

One of the things that I stress to my hypnosis students is that one must be very careful in the way that they word their hypnotic suggestions to clients or stage hypnosis volunteers.

In the video I talk about a funny experience I had with a volunteer at my comedy hypnosis show. I had another experience which wasn’t quite as funny.

I was working with a client over several sessions addressing various things that were getting in the way of him being as successful as he wanted to be. In this particular session we were addressing motivation.

I did the hypnotherapy session with him using a couple of different techniques including helping him to see, hear, and feel himself achieving his future goals which is something that can be very helpful because as Wayne Dyer said, Rather than, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it – you’ll believe it, when you see it.’

As a side note something that you can do for yourself right now to achieve your goals is to just sit for a few minutes or lie down and do your best to imagine yourself achieving some worthwhile goal. Really work on seeing, feeling, and even hearing what your life and or your body, business, etc will be like when you achieve that goal.

This can be especially powerful if you do it the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Doing this goal achievement imagining first thing in the morning will help to set the tone for your whole day and doing it at night can help to program your subconscious mind overnight.


Hypnosis makes this stronger because of course it helps to really lock in the information. And don’t worry if you have difficulty imagining it first, you’ll get better at it. Also don’t worry if you have trouble with one or more of the imagined senses. For instance some people are just better at seeing images in their mind while others may be better at imagining or accessing a feeling and still others are better at imagining sound. Just do your best and keep practicing!

With my hypnotherapy clients we always do a follow-up coaching session a couple of weeks later to check in to find out the progress that’s being made and address any challenges. It’s also a good opportunity for me to recommend certain NLP techniques or conscious mind methods to increase their success at achieving their desired outcomes.

When I spoke to the client at the follow-up coaching session he was extremely happy with the results of the session because he’d already been experiencing more motivation and changes withtwith other things that we had worked on. He did mention one thing though. In the session I had used a common metaphor that you may have even heard before – feeling like there’s a fire in your belly propelling you towards success.

Unfortunately for this client his subconscious mind interpreted this in a more literal sense and he said he actually felt a burning in his stomach. Nothing harmful or extremely painful – just uncomfortable.

He said he actually felt that same feeling the next couple of times that he listened to his session – I always make a recording of the hypnotherapy session to further increase the success of my clients outcomes. Eventually though the burning went away when he would listen.

I did remind him that he could call, text, or email me if anything like that should ever happen again. I always tell all of my clients that they are encouraged to do so.

This was a long time ago and I’m much more careful about the way that I word things during hypnosis. One should also be reminded that we as hypnotists can’t necessarily force you to feel these things and you can stop the hypnosis at any time by simply commanding yourself to ‘wake up’ or by just opening your eyes. Alternatively one can simply talk themselves out of whatever difficulty they’re having. For instance, my client could have simply told himself that there wasn’t an actual fire in his belly and or simply imagined that he was putting a cool cloth on the stomach or drinking a cool refreshing liquid that would soothe the burning.

Obviously I don’t expect for him to have known that – that little tidbit is for you for when you decide to use hypnosis to achieve your goals.


It is very important for people to understand that while it may seem like the hypnotist is a puppet master – That’s really not the case. I simply use various methods and techniques to help people to get into the state of hypnosis which is actually a very normal common state that we all go through every single day (You can watch my TEDx talk to find out more about that by tapping HERE), And we then use a variety of protocols, even some NLP techniques sometimes, and we introduce ideas or ‘suggestions’ what’s the person’s other than conscious mind either except or rejects.

Usually there’s a little bit of both. For instance, when working with clients to help them lose weight with hypnosis they may notice that they start to eat healthier right away but the exercise part takes a little bit longer to adopt or vice versa.

One of the things I find interesting about hypnosis is that it’s less powerful than most TV and films would suggest but more powerful than the skeptics give it credit for. It’s even been proven by major universities like Stanford, Harvard, and more.


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