In times like this I’m especially grateful for our veterans. Thank you, sincerely. Did you serve?

I was almost a veteran myself. I even took the ASVAB test. (It’s something that helps determine one’s aptitude, strengths, and potential for success in military training in the US)

My ASVAB test results indicated that I am highly mechanically inclined and I would have likely been assigned a job as an aircraft mechanic.

Based on my experience in doing minor repairs on my car and around the house it’s possible that this test is flawed, and that my work as an aircraft mechanic might likely have brought down the entire United States. Perhaps it’s good I didn’t join. You’re welcome.

I ended up not joining for a variety of reasons one of which was my long beautiful mullet… I didn’t want to cut my hair.

Don’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor ??

If you served in the military in the US or elsewhere, please drop your branch below, I’m curious (feel free to post a photo of you in uniform below as well if you like). ??

PS I’d also like to send you a gift so if that’s okay you can list your branch and the word GIFT.

Otherwise you just get my thanks and no gift! ?

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