One of the questions that I frequently get from people is, ‘I tried to get hypnotized once but it didn’t work, how come?’

This is a complicated question because every person is different and there are a variety of ways that people ‘try’ hypnosis. I answered that question and others in this video.

And I’m now reminded that I was going to do this
Q & A weekly but I got too busy with shows and speaking events. I guess I’ve got the time now 🤷🤣

What other questions do you have?

This episode;
▶ I tried to get hypnotized but wasn’t, how come?

▶ How can you use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes when it’s also used for fun as in a comedy hypnosis show?

▶ What does hypnosis feel like?

▶ If I’m highly analytical and/or have a very active mind can I be hypnotized?

▶ How much training is required to become a hypnotherapist?

▶ And more!