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This hypnosis video was shot on the beach at Alki in Seattle, WA. In the video, I work with two guys doing the exact same process and only one performs as intended. The other person was not able to get into the state of hypnosis, probably distracted being at the beach, but would have been fine for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy will generally happen in a hypnotist’s office or these days in the client’s own home via Zoom or Skype. So it’s much quieter, there are less distractions, and likely nobody watching ?.

You won’t see as many videos like this where it shows a ‘hypnosis fail’. But I want people to see the difference in the way that different people react so that’s why I share those videos as well.

It’s not really a fail, it’s just a session where the subject did not perform as the hypnotist anticipated and/or intended. Again, not everyone can be hypnotized outside with a lot of noise and people watching.

Hypnosis is an often misunderstood and underutilized resource that can be used for achieving incredible results. It is the most powerful method known for focusing the power of the human mind.

Street and/or stage hypnosis demonstrations are a great opportunity to illustrate the power of hypnosis to the public. This type of hypnosis is different from hypnotherapy in the way that it is used.

Street and/or street hypnosis is more often geared towards guiding the subject to do funny and/or interesting things to not only show the power of hypnosis but to be entertaining to the audience watching as well.

In hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used to help one to quit bad habits like quitting smoking, overeating, etc or to achieve other goals like starting a business, being more motivated at school, & more.

Both show what is possible when the mind is focused – one shows it through entertainment, the other through therapeutic work. Not everyone is a good candidate for street or stage hypnosis because it can be difficult to focus and ‘let go’ when there are people watching and outside sounds can be distracting, but everyone can utilize hypnosis and hypnotherapy to create incredible changes in their thoughts and behaviors.
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Hypnosis is not a replacement for mental health treatment or proper medical care from licensed providers. Please consult a physician if you are in need of treatment or medical advice.

The national suicide hotline for the United States is:
1 800-273-8255

For help outside of the United States please refer to this website: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html


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