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Now is a rough time for a lot of people, and finding happiness has proven to be elusive for many. One of Becky Howell’s great passions is speaking about and educating others in how to establish their own, personal, happiness practice. Understanding the role that authentic happiness plays in our lives is paramount to finding love, success, friendships, purpose, and life balance. Becky has authored My Happiness Book (out on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel). 
And she also has a NEW book coming out in the two weeks / the beginning of May, titled My Happiness Handbook. She also facilitates her very popular ‘How to Be Happier Workshops’ and her online Happiness Masterclass kicks off in June. With a unique and holistic approach that addresses mind, body, spirit, and emotions, Becky has been able to guide people to higher wellness and a resilient form of happiness. 
Your host, Jim Kellner – Speaker | Author | Hypnotist | Coach, has helped thousads of people explore and experience the power of their mind through Comedy Hypnosis Shows, Hypnotherapy, and transformational speaking. You can watch his TEDx talk on hypnosis by clicking this link – JimKellner.Link/TEDx – Facebook.com – Get your FREE hypnosis download here – JimKellnerhypnotist.com/free-hypnosis 
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