Cara Ricci, NTP, co-creator of Mitality, has been helping clients with health challenges for nearly half of her life. After leaving an unhealthy  marriage, she made the leap and changed careers so she could be there for her children… Moving from whole food chef to personal trainer. After becoming a personal trainer, she found that there was a common theme among many clients, an inability to lose weight. With her understanding of food and the body, she became the nutrition resource to other trainers. Now she is following her dream to create a program that anyone can use, at an affordable price, in an easy to understand format. This program will be released in Fall 2016. If working with a holistic nutritionist isn’t an option, Mitality is the next best hing.
Your host, Jim Kellner is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist. He has helped thousads of people explore and experience the power of their mind through Comedy Hypnosis Shows & Hypnotherapy.
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