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Launch Now! Ignite Your Business

August 27, 2023 @ 9:00 am - November 12, 2023 @ 10:00 am PDT


“If you build it, they will come.”

Just look at these crazy kids in the picture. They’re smiling and laughing because they’ve just launched their new business. 🥳
Is it a Hypnotherapy clinic? A coaching business? Maybe it’s a t-shirt drop-shipping site? No, no, no, these two pretty peeps are probably aiming for Instagram influencers! 👸🤴
They’re excited now, but soon they realize that there is so much more to having a successful business than just passion and a dream. 🤯😳😱
They sadly discover that the phrase, “If you build it, they will come” is utter bullshit. 🐂💩
We won’t fault them, though, we’ve all thought the same. When I first moved to Phoenix and opened my office, I was flabbergasted that people didn’t just start breaking down the doors to get the opportunity to work with World Renowned Hypnotist, Jim Kellner. 😎
I aggressively waited for the phone to ring. It didn’t.
And then I realized that I needed a better website, a social media strategy, and marketing help. 🥺🥺🥺
I needed to know about making videos, creating offers, social proof… “What the hell is social proof???” I wondered.
It was enough to make a grown man cry. I was so overwhelmed and stressed. And I couldn’t even pull out my hair, it had been gone a long time already. 👨‍🦲
It took me years to figure it out. And then I started running into other hypnotists and even other types of entrepreneurs who were feeling like I had. And that’s how the “Launch Now!” The course came about. 🏆
It used to be called, “Launch Your Hypnosis Career Now!” but I started to have other entrepreneurs ask if they could join – real estate professionals, a t-shirt drop-shipper, coaches, artists, and many others discovered that business is business. The principles are the same.
You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Let me help you master the fundamentals so that you can start actually living that dream you have rather than the nightmare of indecision, frustration, and fear that so many encounter when launching their business.
The next round of live classes is starting soon.
Early bird pricing is still available – $1000 worth of savings and bonuses. 💰💰💰
Tap the link to find out what you’ll learn, so you can stop the struggle, and start the dream. 💭😊

Ready to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life? 

Whether you’re a coach, hypnotist, artist or have a unique idea, the “Launch Now! – Business Ignition” course is your stepping stone to success! Don’t let the type of your venture – a one-on-one consulting firm, performer, online store, or becoming an Instagram influencer – limit you. The fundamentals of entrepreneurship remain the same, and we’re here to guide you through.


(Experiencing any registration difficulties? Feel free to connect with Jim right here – https://hypnoticsuccessacademy.com/page/contact)


  • This incredible 10-module program is specifically curated to equip you with the practical skills, in-depth knowledge, and unshakeable confidence to transform your dream business into a reality. Whether you’re embarking on a new journey or stuck in the middle of one, “Launch Now! – Business Ignition” is the catalyst to propel you past hurdles and onto your ambitious goals.


  • Module one, “Unleash Your Inner Confidence,” lays the foundation by instilling an unshakeable belief in yourself using techniques like hypnosis, meditation, NLP, and more.


  • As you navigate through the course, you’ll benefit from focused instruction and group mastermind-type discussions to foster a supportive and accountable learning environment. We dive deep into crucial topics like marketing, social proof, successful networking, licensing, insurance, and training.


  • Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. That’s why we’ve dedicated comprehensive modules to teach you about effective content-based marketing, mastering social media dynamics, crafting press releases, and using email marketing to your advantage. You’ll also discover ways to diversify your income sources and offerings, allowing you to shape your business around your unique talents.


  • Creating compelling offers can seem daunting, but module 7, “Craft Your Unique Offers,” demystifies the process. Learn to create digital products, physical products, services, and e-courses, and get a chance to develop your offer in a collaborative setting.


  • In the concluding modules, gain insight into leveraging videos and social proof, establishing your authority, and creating a viable action plan. With “Business Ignition,” you are not just launching your business; you’re launching into a future of success.


  • Don’t let another day slip by without turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. Enroll in the “Launch Now! -Business Ignition” course today and embark on your journey to success!


  • Expect each interactive class to run between 60-90 minutes. You should also plan to invest 1-3 hours outside of class on your tasks. Note that there might be additional costs during the program for securing domain names, licenses, etc. However, we strive to recommend cost-effective or free options wherever feasible.


If, after taking this workshop you are unhappy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.


Act now to get the Early Bird Price and Bonuses

Tap HERE to sign up today by paying in full!

OR sign up today and make 3 easy payments of $217 by clicking HERE.

By taking action now you’ll get:

Lifetime access to the private “Launch Now!” Facebook Group


Lifetime access to the “Launch Now!” Workshop recordings – $297 Value!


Save $400 off of the regular price with the early bird discount


2 FREE coaching sessions – A $500 Value!

That’s over $1000 in savings and bonuses!


Tap HERE to sign up today, so that you can start living the life of your dreams!


OR make 3 easy payments of $217 by clicking HERE.


You have nothing to lose, except your dreams if you don’t take action. 


 Space is Limited • Live sessions are Sunday Mornings from 9 AM – 10 AM Pacific Time. (Replays available) To determine the time in your time zone you can use this handy converter – https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Sessions 2-10 are presented live but the recording is available after for those who want to watch later.

What you’ll learn

In Module 1, you’ll gain immediate access to hypnosis and information to accelerate your hypnotic confidence and entrepreneurial confidence. You’ll learn to listen to your hypnosis recording 3-5 times per week and study the work of 3 people or businesses in your field. You’ll also read and do the exercises from the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.


Module 2 focuses on essentials such as licensing, certification, training, insurance, and choosing a website domain. You’ll also hear about the three biggest mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them. You’ll leave this module with your own domain name and website or landing page and research for licensing, insurance, and legal entities.


In Module 3, you’ll learn why marketing is the number one priority in your business, the difference between paid and content-based marketing, and how to create social media strategies and helpful tools. You’ll also learn about press releases and reviews and set up 1-2 social media accounts and Google My Business.


Module 4 focuses on exploring multiple streams of income and offerings such as services, digital products, physical products, affiliate marketing, subscription services, and teaching what you know. You’ll begin planning or refining your new offer(s).


In Module 5, you’ll hear about email marketing, how to create your new opt-in, and sign up for email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Sendfox, or Constant Contact. You’ll also have the option to sign up for a texting marketing service.


Module 6 dives deeper into marketing by teaching you how to market your offers and create lead magnets. You’ll create your lead magnet and post it to social media to collect emails and/or phone numbers.


Module 7 covers creating and distributing videos, including equipment, software/apps, live streaming, YouTube, Vimeo, and where to find topics. You’ll create a short video explaining what you do to your ideal clients, or why clients or customers should work with you or buy from you.


Module 8 is a laser coaching group mastermind discussion where you’ll receive interventions and help where necessary. You’ll also catch up on stuff and share any new findings and present your offers to give and get feedback.


In Module 9, you’ll learn how to become recognized as an expert and get on podcasts and other media. You’ll also learn how to put together your press kit and create your One-Sheet, Electronic Press Kit, and/or bio.


Module 10 focuses on planning the next few months and year, developing your action plan, and answering any questions.


By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and tools to launch your business successfully and make it grow.

Tap HERE to sign up today by paying in full!


OR sign up today and make 3 easy payments of $217 by clicking HERE.

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