Here are some tips to help you quit smoking or lose weight. Hypnosis is my obvious favorite but I’ll share some other tips as well.

Oftentimes people wonder how hypnosis can help them to lose weight, quit smoking, do better in school, etc.

It’s not the magical cure that some people would like to believe it could be. I have had people in the past think that all they had to do was listen to hypnosis and the weight would magically fall off. I wish!

Hypnosis helps by simply guiding you towards making better choices. A hypnotist will use various ways of speaking and different techniques to help you make those better choices. I’ll explain more about that in an upcoming blog post.

For now, you might think of it as retraining that little voice that we all have that can frequently lead us astray. Instead of that little voice telling you ‘Just a couple more cookies won’t hurt’ or ‘The only way to get through this stressful situation is to have a cigarette’, it could lead you towards more empowering thoughts and behaviors. Maybe now that little voice says, ‘You’ve had plenty of cookies’ or ‘A nice walk sounds good right now’.

While hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that can help with quitting smoking, losing weight, increasing motivation, and so much more some people prefer to ‘Do it on their own’.

Here are a few tips that you can use to work towards making the change on your own;


• As smokers we often believe that cigarettes help us to cope with stress. (I smoked for 20 years) What we’re actually doing is relieving the craving for nicotine.

Cigarettes don’t necessarily relieve stress. If I had a cigarette right now it would most definitely NOT relieve stress.

Cigarettes are not a depressant they are a stimulant. So they actually increase the physiological aspects of the body that occur during stress, increased heart rate, increased respiration, etc. In the long term, you will likely find that you deal with stress better once you filly quit smoking.

Yes, I do understand that you feel less stressed when you smoke. That’s simply because you’ve chosen that as your ‘go-to’.

SOLUTION: Pick another ‘go-to!’ We all have stress and we all have ways of dealing with it. Some people overeat, some people drink, some people go for a walk. For many people when they quit smoking, their new stress solution becomes overeating and they gain weight.

Better choices would be to go for a walk, just sit quietly for a few moments and take some deep breaths, drink a large glass of water, engage in a hobby that you enjoy like crafting, woodworking, or playing a game.

• Most smokers reach for a cigarette and oftentimes even have it lit before they even realize that they thought about having a cigarette. It’s habitual!

SOLUTION: Put your cigarettes in an inconvenient location like the trunk of your car, a high cupboard in your house when you’re at home, the garage, etc.

You might also put your cigarettes and a ziplock bag or something like that. The goal of these two things is to make smoking a conscious choice. When it’s a conscious choice you have more control over whether or not you’re going to do it. It’s not simply habitual.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, please don’t delay. Whether you use hypnosis, the patch, gum, or whatever else – please do it as soon as possible. I lost my mother to complications from COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). She died too early and the last 20 years of her life got progressively worse and worse as her ability to breathe continued to diminish.

PS I understand what you’re going through, I smoked for 20 years and have been smoke-free now for over 15. It’s worth it!

If you’d like all of my tips for quitting smoking and a free hypnosis download focused on helping you to relax more, ‘Relax Now’ send me an email with, ‘QUIT’ as the subject. Jim@jimkellner.com


Nearly all of my traditional weight loss and keto clients are self-described ‘perfectionists’. So, if they slip up and eat something that was not the best choice for their weight loss goal they throw out their healthy eating plan and binge eat promising themself that they’ll get back on track ‘tomorrow’ or more often, ‘Monday’.

SOLUTION: Remember and repeat this phrase often, ‘Every choice counts, every decision matters.’ If you slip up, get right back on track as soon as possible. It’s not that one piece of cake or that handful of Cheetos that’s going to make someone obese or keep them that way.

It’s that second or third piece of cake and the bag of Cheetos that will keep you stuck where you’re at right now.

One note though for those that are doing a ketogenic lifestyle – yes, having a slip up can mean you are bumped out of ketosis. But that doesn’t mean that you should quit. You can still take off the weight and improve your health and you’ll get better at making healthy choices every time you do it.

• I firmly believe that no one becomes significantly overweight just because food tastes so damn good. There’s generally something else going on whether that be low self-esteem, coping with stress, or deep psychological issues sometimes resulting from childhood trauma.

SOLUTION: Address those issues with traditional psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, etc. Once those issues are resolved you’ll find that taking the weight off becomes much easier.

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