The Master Key To Success - Self Esteem (The Complete 4 week program)

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Here's a quote from one of the users of the program -

'Hi Jim,

I have listened to both module 1& 2, and realized a difference in my self esteem 🙂 I realized when I start doubted myself, there is now a little voice that tells me that I am good enough, that I could do it, that I deserve more and etc. Its so wonderful to feel this good about myself.' - S.L.

Are you settling in life because you don't feel worthy of more. Do you ever feel like you hate yourself and have zero confidence? Or maybe you just don't feel 'good enough' in certain areas of your life.

In this power packed 4 week program Hypnotist Jim Kellner will guide you into accepting and loving yourself more than you've ever thought possible.

When you truly learn to love yourself and increase your self esteem you no longer settle for abusive or not-invested romantic partners, you refuse to work for wages that don't sustain you, and you say 'NO' to that which does not fulfill your purpose.

We all have a deeper purpose - you can't fully express that or live your best life when your self esteem is in shambles. Please give yourself the gift of Self Love and wake up to a brighter more fulfilling life.


• (4) Instructional videos with on how to shift your negative thinking about yourself. One video each week delivered.

• (4) Hypnosis Session mp3 downloads to reinforce the information you're learning and generate the self love from deep within you. Each recording contains binaural beats and double voice technology to further enhance your experience and the effectiveness of the hypnosis. One delivered each week for four weeks.

I suffered from very low self esteem for most of my life. I finally began making shifts and taking steps to increase my self esteem and self confidence. An entire world began to open up for me when I did this and my life changed in immense ways allowing me to know pursue my best life.

Please don't live another day the way that I did - hating and loathing myself and unable to go after the romantic partners I wanted or job opportunities I desired because I didn't feel worthy. You ARE worthy - I'll get you there!

I used to have unbelievably low self esteem. I loathed myself! I got past it and learned to love ME. I completely turned my life around and I now feel like it's my mission to help others who suffered in the way that I did.

I'll teach you some concepts and techniques in each of the 4 modules and then lock in the information with the accompanying hypnosis session that comes with each learning module.

Some of topics covered

Judging You, Judging Me.

  • Have you ever wondered how you could stop judging yourself so harshly and maybe even others too? Don't feel bad, we are all judging others all the time but you can change that, which will help your self esteem.
  • Do you feel good when you help others to feel good? How can you increase that good feeling for all? You'll find out!
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when someone gives you a compliment? I used to too! Learn to accept compliments gracefully.

Why NOT You?

  • Do you ever feel like you were destined for more?
  • Do you feel like you'd like to have better relationships, a more fulfilling career, or to make a greater difference in the world? Stop wondering.
  • The fact that you ask yourself that question means that - YOU ARE DESTINED FOR MORE!

& so much more.

Please, grab this now before the price goes up and even more importantly, before you spend even one more day unnecessarily not feeling your best about YOU.

(NEVER listen to hypnosis while driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be dangerous because you may 'zone out'.)
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