Take Your Practice Online - Remote Hypnosis (And Other Healing Modalities) Training V2.0

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I've been working with hypnotherapy clients online for over 5 years now. Nearly all of my clients are in fact, remote. I teach this class at hypnosis conferences across the US and it occurred to me that practitioners of other modalities could benefit from it as well. (I've updated the class to reflect new insights and discoveries).

This class has been pre-recorded so you can watch and rewatch at your convenience.

You will also get a link to the recording so even if you miss it, or just want to watch again, you’ll be able to.

You'll be emailed the course within 24 hours of payment to the email address you register with.

(1) 2-hour class.
• Find out why you owe it to clients across the globe to be available to them. And the advantages to THEM working with you remotely as opposed to in-person.
• Shift from a limited belief around online work to an empowered 'what else is possible?' mindset.

Set up an online calendar so that clients can book themselves. You'll avoid the constant back and forth calls, texts, and emails trying to figure out the best time to meet. Save yourself the time, hassle and frustration and possibly losing potential clients along the way. AND you can even require that they pay a deposit or in full electronically so you have FAR fewer no-shows.
Set up online record keeping and client paperwork so that you can reference your notes from ANYWHERE in the world.
Collect money online. You'll find out several different options so that you can offer your clients the flexibility and security that they will appreciate.
Find out what equipment you need to get started right away saving you hours and hours of research. You'll learn how to get started with a budget set-up with equipment you likely already have and how to expand that when finances allow.
Create various methods for working with your clients online. The more options you offer to your clients, the easier it is for them to work with you, and the more likely they are to do so. What is the industry standard today? What other options are there?

& More.
You'll get the 10 marketing tips that I've used that have gotten me offers to do my TEDx talk, a video with over 2 million views on YouTube as well as countless other opportunities - without even applying to them. And they've helped me to get more clients too, of course!
An mp3 recording designed to give you the confidence to move forward with working with remote clients recorded by Master Hypnotist, Jim Kellner.
(1) 2-hour class. This will be a lot of the same concepts that I teach at the hypnosis conventions, HypnothoughtsLive and HypnoBiz, Heartland Hypnosis Conference, and more. I've made it very affordable because many of the hypnotists that I train in this are new and/or don't have a lot of money to spend on training.

(Please note, you're not learning hypnosis. You're learning how to apply hypnosis or whatever healing method you use remotely.)

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