Launch Your Hypnosis Career Now (Complete 9 week program) Payment plan available.

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Do you want to launch your hypnosis/NLP/Healing or Entrepreneurial career but just don't know how or maybe you just don't have the confidence to go for it?

This program is for you! You'll start with Week 1/Module 1 - Hypnotic Confidence (Recorded class and Hypnosis session) then join me for the official kick-off Laser Coaching Group Mastermind Call. 9-week program, weeks 2-9 are live but are also recorded for those that miss them).

  • The kick-off for this round will be February 21st, 2021. $697 - sign up now!
  • Sign up before February 1st to save $100.
  • Meeting weekly for 8 weeks, Sundays from 3-4:30 pm Pacific Time

• You can join the Facebook group for free - (Anyone can join) https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaunchYourHypnosis...

• Support within the group from myself and other people just like you.

Tap the link below if you'd like to make 2 payments (One now $298.50 + $50* setup fee = $348.50 today, and one payment of $298.5 in 30 days)

Payment Plan - https://py.pl/3RtCywltqgl


Save $50 by adding to the cart and paying in full today.*

(9-week program 60-120 minutes each class)

1. Hypnotic Confidence (You may have already received this free bonus) This is provided as an opt-in and as your first-week primer. Confidence is perhaps the #1 quality needed for a hypnotist. It’s critical for many other professions as well.

2. Kick-off Laser Coaching and Mastermind Group

  • Sharing your goals so I can learn about you all and tailor the material to the attendees.
  • Essentials - Licensing, certification, training, etc.
  • How to choose a website domain - and do it!
  • Setting up your essential social media channels.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes I’ve made and how you can avoid them.

3. Marketing - Why it’s the #1 priority in your business

  • Paid vs content-based (free $ wise but costs time).
  • Social media strategies & helpful tools.
  • Blogging.
  • Email.

4. Serving not selling (No more feeling ‘salesy’) - exploring multiple streams of income and multiple offerings

  • Services.
  • Digital products.
  • Physical products.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Subscription services.
  • Teaching what you know.

5. Putting yourself and/or your business in the public eye because if no one knows what you do, they won't know to book with you or buy with you

  • Creating your offers, something for everyone.
  • Developing your ‘persona’ and brand.
  • Packaging and presentation.
  • How much to charge.
  • Calls-to-action.

6. Checking in - Laser Coaching Group Mastermind discussion

  • Find out where you are at and offer interventions and help where necessary.
  • Catch up on stuff and share any new findings.

7. The importance and how-to’s of video - just the basics. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to show your face on your videos if you’d rather not.

  • Equipment.
  • Software/apps.
  • Livestreaming.
  • YouTube.
  • Vimeo.

8. Becoming the ‘expert’ and PR. Stop being in awe of those that are doing great things and start doing great things. People want to work with experts.

  • Why becoming recognized as an expert is important.
  • Getting on podcasts and what to do if you do.
  • Getting in print.
  • How I got my TEDx talk and the ‘Kids Meet A Hypnotist’ gig (2.5 million views).
  • What I did wrong with my projects that blew up and what to do instead.
  • Put together your press kit - you’re gonna need it!

9. What's next? Laser Coaching Group Mastermind discussion to determine your next steps and finish up loose ends.

Weeks 2-9 are live classes but will be recorded for those that can not attend live.

Tap the link below if you'd like to make 2 payments (One now $300 and one payment of $250 in 30 days)

Payment Plan - https://py.pl/3RtCywltqgl


Save $50 by adding to the cart and paying in full today.

(9-week program)


Here's a comment from one of my coaching clients, a hypnotist -

'I feel so much better about it all now and you’ve definitely helped me a lot even in just the first session 😃

Much gratitude to you for being willing to encourage and help those who are wanting to do hypno 🙏'.

Your Success Is My Success™

About me:

Jim Kellner overcame severe stage fright, introversion, and being ‘painfully shy’ to become recognized as a dynamic and charismatic entertainer and speaker.

Combing his love of helping people and performing Jim added training and public speaking to his resume. He’s been recognized as an expert in his field by being invited to speak at Grand Canyon University’s 2018 TEDx event, Magnum Opus,

His TEDx talk, ‘If You Can’t Be Hypnotized, You Lose’ (https://youtu.be/MTRDgJoKkJ4) has received acclaim from fellow hypnotists and laypersons as well. He is one of only a handful of Hypnotists/Hypnotherapists to have ever spoken on a TED or TEDx stage.

Jim studied acting in college then transitioned to stand-up comedy and toured the Pacific Northwest as a featured act. THEN after using hypnosis to take off over 60 lbs, ease his depression, and remake his life, he decided to pursue another passion he’d had since a child, professional hypnotherapist, and comedy stage hypnotist.

He has since then helped thousands of people lose weight, quit smoking, sleep better, relax deeper, and had hypnotized thousands of people on stage.

He’s a frequent presenter at hypnosis conferences including Hypnothoughts Live and HypnoBiz NY

He can help you to launch your entrepreneurial career/business because he has done it himself and is still learning every day.

Connect with Jim -




*Unfortunately any coupons or discounts are only available after complete balance is paid.

(NEVER listen to hypnosis while driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be dangerous because you may 'zone out’ or fall asleep.)

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