Hypnosis For Keto & Fasting (Complete 8 week program)

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(Please note that because of the file sizes of this product with video and audio it can sometimes take up to 72 hours to deliver)

Have you heard of the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet and/or fasting but found it difficult to do?*

I had that same challenge and didn't even think I could do fasting because I was so attached to food. But I've been doing both for years now and I'm now offering group support and hypnosis to support your journey to better health.

There are many keto and fasting experts out there who can tell you WHAT to do, in this program, Master Hypnotist Jim Kellner helps you to actually do it through the power of hypnosis.

By using this carefully designed hypnosis program you'll find it easier than ever to stick to the ketogenic lifestyle. You may even learn to love it!

Ongoing - Join anytime. Less than $40 per week to change your life FOREVER


• Admission to the Facebook group. (The Facebook group is not very active at this time but there are many videos and other information still included there including some listed below)

• (8) Frequently asked questions videos.

• (8) Hypnosis sessions on video.

• (4) Informational audio (mp3) recordings (1 delivered every 2 weeks) focused on: *Goals and Motivation * Keto/Fasting Mindset * Keto Power * Fasting Success (You don't need to do the fasting if that's not your thing.)

• (4) Hypnosis audio (mp3) recordings (1 delivered every 2 weeks) focused on: *Goals and Motivation * Keto/Fasting Mindset * Keto Power * Fasting Success (You don't need to do the fasting if that's not your thing.)

(NEVER listen to hypnosis while driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be dangerous because you may 'zone out'.) If you're like I was you may be thinking you can't possibly fast. Maybe you feel like you need to eat every couple of hours or you'll be weak and/or cranky. I truly was a slave to food. One of the greatest benefits I've gotten from fasting is just knowing that I'm in control, NOT food. You may believe that you NEED carbohydrates for energy or for optimum health. Much of the current data shows otherwise. I have NEVER felt better or more energetic than when I've been doing keto and fasting. I've walked for exercise, jogged, done yoga, and worked comfortably throughout the day while fasting. I never would have thought that possible.

Featuring the latest in technological advancements in binaural beats and double voice technology for an enhanced hypnotic experience and includes detailed instructions on how to utilize the recording for optimal results.

Created and recorded by noted Author, Speaker, Stage Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist, Jim Kellner

Each recording has been digitally mastered to ensure the most effective and enjoyable listening experience possible.

For accelerated and best results I do recommend one-on-one work directly with me because I can then formulate the very best personalized strategy to help you to achieve your specific desired outcomes. I make these highly affordable prerecorded options available for those that are unable to commit to the higher investment in personal hypnotherapy.


They are best experienced while sitting or lying down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. For recordings that you CAN listen to at any time please check out my Affirmations recordings.


* Any information presented is based solely on my experiences and research. I am NOT a Dr. You are advised to seek medical advice from your physician if you have any medical conditions or concerns or as a precaution 'just to be safe'. Also, for those of you taking medications related to blood sugar regulation and/or any blood sugar issues are strongly advised to seek out the advice of their physician to determine if keto and/or fasting is safe and to determine if medications may need to be adjusted.
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