I’m thrilled to be involved in this project. Check out my talk, ‘Minding Your Business’. (I teach a powerful technique for catapulting your success by borrowing from the success of others)

The principles will also apply to your personal life as well.


Put down the CORONA… and master your EXECUTIVE PRESENCE.

This summit is your three-day (April 13-15th) infusion of fresh ideas, actionable concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration. We’ve convened a unique group of world-class faculty who will share their distinct perspectives, inspiring and equipping you with practical skills you can apply right away.

ERIN LOMAN JECK is an award-winning executive speaking coach who’s trained clients around the world to take the TEDx stage.

Topics our faculty will dive into this year include:

·   Compelling Communication

·   Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

·   The Synergy of Success

·   Living and Leading in Uncertain Times

·   Hypnotic Body Language for Leaders

·   The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure

·   MINDing Your Business: Mindset for Leaders

·   Conscious Leadership

·   Developing a Personal Brand

·   The “F” Factor

·   Landing Your Epic Talk on TEDx

·   Testing Your Assumptions –Being the Leader

·   Leadership and Communication Styles

·   The Culture Model Canvas

·   How to Get Published in a Major Magazine

Learn from ERIN LOMAN JECK and her team of experts. Time is a gift… let us show you how to make the most of it.


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