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So many of my hypnotherapy and coaching clients tell me that they just can’t meditate. Either they say they can’t sit still for that long or they can’t clear their mind for 20 minutes.

Both are unnecessary. You should know that there have been great benefits associated with meditation and many have even been proven in the research.

It’s been shown to decrease stress, increase creativity, and I find that people who meditate frequently are better at receiving hypnosis. You see, meditation and hypnosis achieve the same brain waves and in fact there are some types of guided meditation which are very similar to hypnosis. ????

The key difference with hypnosis is that you’ll have a goal in mind as a desired outcome such as quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress, even getting better at video games, Etc.

And interestingly, when you study successful people from the past and present many of them talk about meditating on a regular basis. I find that when I am meditating regularly, I do get off track just like everyone else. But when I am meditating regularly I have more focus, I’m less stressed, and I even make better food choices, and exercise more consistently. ????

Meditation seems to help me in achieving my goals so it’s one of the things that I always recommend for my clients.

You don’t have to clear your mind for 20 minutes it can start with just one minute, and believe me, clearing your mind doesn’t have to be the goal. You can just notice your thoughts and then let them pass.

As far as not being able to sit still there are even moving meditations. You could Google moving or walking meditations to find out what I’m talking about. ????

Give it a try and let me know what you think after a couple of weeks or a month or so.

Have you meditated before❓ If so what have you noticed?

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