Have you heard of fixed mindset vs growth mindset?

I remember wanting to do theater in high school but I thought I wouldn’t be any good at it, so I didn’t try. I didn’t leave room for the idea that I could get better at it with training. Fixed mindset.

I hear people all the time saying, ‘That’s just how I am’. I like to remind them that really, that’s just how they have been. This leaves room for growth.

I’ve worked with many clients who didn’t think they could ever lose weight because that’s just the way they were.

Smokers who didn’t think they could re-identify as a non-smoker.

People with anxiety who again thought, ‘That’s just how I am.’

Whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking, ‘I can’t do that’, reframe it by saying, ‘So far I haven’t done it’.

PS I finally did start taking acting classes and became a professional actor before I pursued stand-up comedy and eventually comedy hypnosis shows. You can do it!

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