Looking at my calendar I realized that today I was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam to attend and speak at the HypnoBiz Europe conference, this weekend. It would have been my first trip to Europe*. And then The Rona came 😭😭😭

I also missed HypnoThoughts Live! in VEGAS and Heartland Hypnosis Conference in Missouri. (My grandparents are from Missouri and I’d looked forward to exploring some of the places where they lived.)

For some reason I’m more bummed about missing the hypnosis conferences than I am about all of the speaking and comedy hypnosis show gigs.

I know many people have lost so much more so I know I’m fortunate, but missing out on those really stings.

BUT because of The Rona I met my fiance so … ❤️ (I’d normally have been on the road doing gigs instead of here in Seattle where we met.)


Aside from losing loved ones what’s the worst thing The Rona caused you. AND the best?