A hypnosis session for healthy lungs is more important than ever with the lingering coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic.

You may be able to help to increase healing in your lungs and the entire body by listening to this recording.

This will be especially helpful for those that are sick or who are smokers or former smokers. For those still wanting to quit smoking, this would be a good start. This will introduce you to hypnosis. And if you want to quit smoking with hypnosis please contact me to set up your free consultation or find out more at jimkellerhypnotist.com/hypnotherapy.

Many people think that they have to search for a hypnotist nearby or search for ‘hypnosis near me’ but that’s completely unnecessary since hypnosis can be done completely online.

This hypnosis recording was created because of the current state of the world with the Coronavirus and Covid-19 causing so much harm. This hypnosis session sends a powerful message to the other-than-conscious mind to increase healing within the body with a special emphasis on the lungs and respiratory system.

If you have any signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus and Covid-19 you are strongly urged to contact a physician as soon as possible. The future of medicine could very well be our direct communication with the mind and the body at a deeper more direct level. Already your body heals infections, cures wounds, and regenerates certain cells. Why not more?

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And be sure to watch my ‘Kids Meet A Hypnotist’ video, it’s a lot of fun! https://youtu.be/bH3fU63NrbE

Hypnosis recordings like this are not a replacement for necessary medical and/or mental health treatment from licensed providers.

Please consult a physician if you are in need of treatment or medical advice. Jim Kellner is not a physician and nothing contained within this video, accompanying text, or anything on this channel should be considered medical advice. For entertainment purposes only.


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