I had to go into Seattle today to run some errands and so I took a quick detour to go downtown to see the aftermath of last night’s events.

I was heartened to see so many average citizens out early on a Sunday morning voluntarily cleaning up debris and removing graffiti from buildings.

In the international district, (China Town) I saw a young lady walking along with a hand broom and dustpan sweeping up broken glass.

When I came upon her she was sweeping up the remnants of a broken liquor bottle. I told her thank you for what she was doing and she just smiled and nodded.

She didn’t complain about the people that did it or why they did it, she just cleaned up.

Instead of chastising people on a Facebook post for damage that’s been done, I invite us all to do something about it. To be as they say ‘Part of the solution’.

Those that you are chastising don’t care that you don’t like their actions and won’t respond anyway. The guy walking out of Nordstrom’s with an arm-full of looted clothes should not be lumped in with those that are legitimately protesting horrific events.

If you truly do care about the businesses that were hurt I urge you to do something that can truly help.

There are so many things that we can do –

✔️ You could help to clean up the messes left behind.

✔️ You could start or support GoFundMe accounts to help the business owners.

✔️ You could patronize those stores when they’re back up and running.

✔️ Work to ensure that this kind of an event never takes place again by helping to stop the thing that caused it.

You could do so many other things that would have an actual impact. Please offer your other suggestions below.



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