Happy International Women’s Day!
I found this meme and crossed out the ‘great’ and replaced it with ‘all’ because many women around the world are still not allowed the opportunity to be ‘great’*.
Dozens of countries around the world still make it difficult, if not impossible for women to vote. Even more deny them schooling, education, and one even denied them the right to a driver’s license until just a few years ago – Saudi Arabia (A close ally of the US).
Some may ask why we need a women’s day, a black history month, pride month, etc.
I remember being a kid and my Grandma telling me that it was, ‘National Grandparents Day’.
‘When is Kid’s Day?’, I asked.
She quickly replied that EVERY day was kid’s day’.
Why do we need these days and months? Because in 2021 it is still news that we have our first female Vice President of The United States, our first black Defense Secretary, our first openly gay Cabinet Member. Far too many firsts are still newsworthy.
So I guess when being the first ________ ________ is no longer a big deal we may not need these days or months any longer.
Something I find especially frustrating about holding these groups of people back is for a selfish reason. Just consider all of the great things these folks might do for society.
How many more Van Gogh’s, William Shakespear’s, and Albert Einstein’s might we have had?
Or better still, how many more Georgia O’Keefe’s, August Willson’s, and Allan Turing’s, might we have had?
How much better could our world be today?
How much better can our future be if all are given the opportunity to be ‘great’?
And yes, I understand that we might consider all women ‘great’ ?.

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