With so many people stressed and anxious right now and often unable to get away from it all like they may have in the past, I decided to create something to help them ‘escape’. A virtual vacation.

While taking this guided meditation virtual vacation, you may even experience many of the same psychological and physiological effects of actually going to a beach. Research has shown that what we vividly imagine in the mind can have a profound effect and the mind and body and its health.

Many people find meditation difficult but it’s much easier when you have someone guiding you. If your mind tends to wander Just noticed it and bring it back to the meditation. Repeatedly doing this will train your mind to better focus.

This could be very helpful for people who had difficulty focusing which is an increasingly prevalent problem. Everyone is so distracted by TVs, computers, cell phones etc that even watching a one minute TikTok video until the end can be a challenge.

There have been a great many studies proving the health benefits of guided meditation alone regardless of where you go in your mind. It can improve cardiovascular health, sleep, and much more.

Hypnosis can have many of the same benefits because during both states one is achieving the same states of consciousness.

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where is your favorite location destination? Perhaps I’ll create one for that as well. ?


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