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Welcome to exploring awesome i am

your host jim kellner and on today’s
you’re going to learn three things
simple things that you can do
to increase your likelihood of actually
completing those
goals resolutions and maybe even


that you’ve set this is for the new year

or maybe
you’re listening to this or watching
this in march or july
or anytime at all by using these tips
you’re going to find that it’s going to
be much easier and your likelihood is
going to
increase that you’re going to be
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and that everything’s working right i
want to
and i want to let you know too each
we explore tips tricks and strategies to
help you
and me to live a more awesome life
normally i have a guest
on but today is going to be a solo
episode because i want to share some
that i’ve found that really work
um as i’ve worked with literally
thousands of people
across the globe now i want you to
please stay uh stay tuned until the end
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the end i’m going to tell you how to get
that for
free and uh i’m also going to um and
then the third thing here
probably something you’ve never heard of
the first two you may you’ve probably
heard of before
um but the third one you may not have
heard before and i think it’s it’s
i gotta tell you this third thing that
i’m gonna tell you about it’s it
literally has just helped me i just
started doing it
and um and it’s helped me
to start getting up first thing in the
morning when my alarm goes off instead
of hitting
snooze so it’s pretty powerful technique
because uh
i’ve spent decades wanting to do that i
just started doing that technique and
and it works amazingly if my wife is
watching she’ll she’ll tell you that it
didn’t work today but i had trouble
getting sleep last night so
but really every other day since i
started doing it it’s worked
alright so uh again
thank you so much for watching uh i see
that some people are already
commenting and saying hello and stuff
thank you so much
uh for watching i’m gonna say i’m gonna
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all that good stuff number one
i know you’ve heard this before i know
you’ve heard it
but i’m gonna tell to you again i talk
about it all the time
but please please listen i’m gonna tell
you why it’s important
the very first thing that you can do to
increase your success is to scale
back so whatever whatever you have
uh put on your list that you’re going to
accomplish this year
i want you to take a hard look at it
hard look at it
and i want you to revise it if for
instance if you
told yourself you’re going to work out
you know five days a week for an hour a
day i want you to
drop that back maybe three times a week
for 20 minutes something like that
i want you to be very reasonable with
yourself because
i i know nobody nobody wants to do this
they don’t want to hear this
you know they want to hear um that they
i mean i know you’ve heard this but but
i tell you a lot of you are not getting
it you know the way i know that you’re
not getting it
is because i still get people that call
me up um
and they want to you know they want to
sign up for the hypnotherapy program and
they need to lose
you know 40 pounds in 8 weeks because
they want to fit in their wedding dress
of course they’re female and they’re
over 40. and uh
and so these are unreasonable
expectations so you know i’m a magician
i’m a hypnotist i’m not a magician
and so uh you’re what you’re doing is
you’re setting yourself up for failure
so just ask yourself when i set that
goal last year
to lose 50 pounds you know in in three
was i successful probably not so um
i’m just going to ask you to scale back
and i it’ll give you a great example
of what can really work for you
if you want to start exercising more
then please start off slow start off
with like five minutes
ten minutes two minutes i had a client
one time she was
she was extremely obese um overweight
literally two minutes that’s all she
could do was two minutes she got on the
treadmill she did it for two minutes
but you know what within a few weeks she
was up to four minutes and then six
you know people find out that i lost 70
pounds and they’re like
wow how did you do that and you know
they want to know was it
the detox tea or was it some you know
apple cider vinegar or
or the this diet or that that and i i
tell them that it’s it’s it’s
not sexy it’s not glamorous the way i
lost the weight was
very first thing i did was i started
walking five minutes a day
i hated it it was tremendously difficult
when you you’re over you know you’re
close to 300 pounds walking for five
minutes is a strain
i started meditating for two minutes a
day it was excruciatingly difficult so
if you’re having trouble meditating
believe me two minutes was tough to just
sit there do nothing
uh number three was um my goal was this
is going to sound crazy
but was to eat a uh at least one fruit
or vegetable
a day and you may think that’s crazy but
really had not uh i would go weeks or
months at a time without having
a fruit or vegetable that wasn’t um
you know fried or baked in a pie and so
uh that was that was my goal
and you know the thing was within i lost
20 pounds within like a couple of months
and i wasn’t even really trying i’m
going what the what the heck i’m not
really trying
honestly guys i i actually thought i had
cancer or something and no joke
no joke i thought i might be sick uh i
remember talking to my mom and she was
like uh
you know i’m telling you i lost 20
pounds and and i’m not really doing that
and it didn’t seem possible with what i
was doing and um
and she said you better go to the doctor
and i was like well let’s let’s wait
another 20 30 pounds
and uh it turns out i wasn’t sick it was
just those those small things but i’ll
tell you by that time by the time i take
it up to 20 pounds
i had gone up to like maybe 10 15 20
a day of walking and then finally i
started running and that kind of thing
and eating more vegetables at one point
when i was doing paleo i was doing like
you know 12 servings of vegetables a day
it was it was ridiculous i was eating
all the time
but if you’ll start off small i i
promise you a couple things are going to
you’re going to build the habit and that
is the very most important thing that
you can do in the beginning the other
is you start believing in yourself
i remember this one client uh well she
didn’t turn out to be a client it was a
we decided to part ways after the
consultation because she comes to me
and she says jim my i have to start
exercising 45 minutes a day five days a
week my doctor told me
that i’m um i’ve got i’ve got type 2
and if i start exercising you know five
times a week 45 minutes and start eating
perfectly then i can i can reverse this
i said i said listen um and i’ll tell
you this
i said listen what if we started with
you know that
same thing start off small five or ten
minutes no no no no
my doctor said i have to work out i have
to work 45 minutes a day
and i said well when was the last time
that you exercised
um couldn’t remember probably since
childhood really
okay i said well listen if
even if i you know i mean as i say
hypnosis is not magic
it’s you know it’s a process you know
over time we we do some sessions and you
start to make these changes
it’s not hypnosis doesn’t push you it
doesn’t force you to do things
it just sort of guides you there okay so
i’m telling i’m just i’m
pleading with her please please let’s
scale back because if you
haven’t exercised for a long time
even a 45 minute walk is going to be
painful you’re not going to want to do
it again
um even five or ten minutes is going to
be a challenge maybe pretty heavy
and you also could hurt yourself you
know you get out there if i what if i
did what if i
use this magic hypnosis power and now
you go run for 45 minutes that’s
dangerous i can’t do that you could hurt
so i’m not going to do that and so you
know i’ve lost i’ve lost many
many potential clients because i’m
honest with them i just i’m straight
with them i tell them look
this is not magic it’s this is it’s a
process and but if you’ll stick with it
it will work and the other benefit to
when you set those small goals and you
start achieving them you start to
believe in yourself
you start to believe and this just
happened just recently i was talking i
was doing
the the the uh the exit interview type
of thing
with a client you know hi you know how
do you raise your success with the
program and everything
and he said one of the biggest benefits
you guys said i feel like
i can believe in myself now i can
when i set a goal now i feel like i can
i can believe myself
and i understand you know here’s the
if you had a friend and you call him up
hey can you help me out with this
project yes i’ll be over tomorrow 10 a.m
they don’t show up
you know next time you call me i got a
flat tire can you come help me out yeah
i’ll be right over they don’t show up
and this happens over and over and over
are you gonna keep calling them
probably not you’re going to lose trust
in them
you’ve been doing that to yourself for
what 20 30 40 50 60 years
you don’t believe yourself you may tell
yourself you’re gonna go exercise for 45
minutes a day five days a week
you’re not gonna believe it but if you
told yourself i’m gonna exercise five
days a week
three days a week you know or i’m gonna
i’m gonna i’m gonna
just i’m gonna cut back on you know my
fast food
consumption okay now i decided i had a
breakthrough today
and when i was when i was you know kind
of going over my notes for this
and i’ve i’ve never been a good saver i
have i
as far saving money i mean you know i
could i could make a million dollars a
or uh ten thousand a year and it would
all be spent
and because you know there’s there’s
always something else that i’ve got to
spend money on
and uh and so i would try to ten percent
five percent okay i can’t do you know
for why start off really
i got to say 20 that’s what the experts
say i got to say 20
it doesn’t happen okay 10 5
you just occurred to me today why not
five bucks a week why don’t i just take
five bucks
a little bucket somewhere start dropping
in five bucks
so it is and so when i talk about these
small steps it’s not just about exercise
or eating healthy those kind of things
it’s for everything so if you want to
get if you want to
you know start saving money then start
really small if i’m not successful with
the five bucks i’ll have to scale it
back maybe i’ll do a dollar maybe i’ll
do a quarter
it’s important the important thing is to
build that habit and build some success
you know that success is what motivates
you and i got into a little bit of uh
i posted something a while back that
said you know
essentially you don’t need more
motivation you just need to get off your
butt and do it
and and no no you know the way to get
motivation is to
watch motivational videos or to you know
do this and do that
that’s great if that works for you but
how many times have you sat watch
motivational videos while sitting on
your butt on the couch
hoping it’s gonna make you go go for a
walk or to to start saving that five
bucks a week
the very best way to motivate yourself
is to have success really absolutely 100
uh you start doing that and you’re gonna
start seeing results
and it’s gonna be amazing and i’m not
saying you’re gonna you’re gonna you
five bucks a week for the rest of your
life it’s gonna increase because once
you get good at the five bucks a week
or that exercising for five minutes a
day you’re gonna you’re gonna
it’s gonna be easy you’re gonna go oh
yeah i can do 10 minutes a day
i can do 10 bucks a week these kind of
things so so please please i’d beg you
just scale back that’s
that’s the biggest thing if you just did
this if you did just
one of these things that i’m going to
talk about today you’re going to get
more success
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to just mention it today because i know
we’re in the middle of winter right now
i don’t know when you’re watching this
or listening later but right now when
i’m doing it
it’s january and uh in 2021 we’ve had a
rough year 2020
a lot of people are sad depressed
hypnosis isn’t going to cure your
depression but it might just lift your
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other cool stuff too
um let’s see so ah
number two this one
uh is gonna is gonna make a big change
for you become obsessed
okay with whatever that goal is and and
as we talk about the scaling back you
know there are
different regions different areas of
your life where they recommend you set
goals you know it’s personal
you know relationships uh financial all
these kind of things
i i say pick one or two to start with
you know for for january to pick one or
two or march whenever you’re starting
just pick one or two if you’re having
trouble deciding which one to start with
i’ll say
start with health and wellness because
you know what when you’re when you’re
feeling healthy and you’ve got energy
and you’re feeling good
everything else is just easier i speak
from experience i know
when you feel like crap and you’re tired
all the time it’s it’s really tough to
to have good relationships and be good
at work and all that stuff so
but become obsessed
i’m frequently um surprised when i work
with like a maybe a weight loss client
comes to me
and they’ve never even heard of the
mediterranean diet or
they don’t know they’ve not they don’t
know anything about exercise or they
don’t know
because it would seem to me if you’ve
been trying because
i’m sort of their last resort i’ve had
so many people tell me you know you’re
my last resort i don’t know why they
they wait for hypnosis so long to try it
but um you know i’ve tried everything
else and now i’m i’m ready to try
like with the redheaded stepchild no
offense to the redheaded stepchildren
out there but
so they’ve tried everything else it
would seem to me that you would
have learned some stuff along the way
you would learn have learned about
you know calories and and uh
you know macros you know the proteins
and carbohydrates and
and these kind of things and so what i
would invite you to do
is become obsessed if your goal is to
lose weight and i try not to say you
lose weight because
it’s not about weight it’s really about
what you get
from that and you know like my biggest
benefit to
to exercise and eating healthy is just
having more energy talk to a
colleague of mine same thing you know
it’s not about you know how my pants fit
although that’s that’s nice too but
it’s really about the the energy and the
you know just feeling better mental
but become obsessed with it you know so
what do i mean by become obsessed i mean
start reading books about it
you know about you know health and
wellness or wealth if you want to start
saving more money if you
if you want to be better in business if
you want better relationships
you know don’t just set a goal i’m going
to you know i’m going to
uh you know better at relationships i
talked to a client one time who who
wanted to
have a better relationship with his wife
and i said well what are you doing to do
that well i’m trying
okay but but you’re not an expert
right have you turned to experts have
so turn to the experts start start
consuming that information and for a
couple of reasons
it’s not just the education part
i’m talking fast because i’m trying to
get this done in a really quick time
because i really want to get all this
information out in a timely fashion
and let you move on with your life
become obsessed because number one you
need the knowledge and i would say if
like if you want to lose weight
just or become healthier don’t just
start you know if you’ve you you kind of
you’re kind of
familiar with the calories in calories
out kind of a thing explore some other
options just just read about them
hear about them if you’re you’ve heard
about the keto thing you want to try
keto great
but before you do that maybe look at
some other stuff just make sure you’ve
got a really well-rounded picture of
what all is out there
in the world you know as far as wealth
goes you know if you want to become a
real estate
you think you’re you’re destined to make
money in real estate well look at other
ways too you know
uh just trying to get a broad idea and
then start narrowing in
and the but the most important reason
why i want you to focus on this become
obsessed is because
because here’s what’s going to happen
what we focus on in life we get more of
okay so i’m i’m constantly amazed too i
i know i’m amazed a lot
but i’ll be amazed i’ll have a friend
who’s told me they want to take off some
weight or i’ll you know work with one of
these these
these folks that have contacted me
because i want to take off some weight
you know maybe i’m friends with them on
facebook or
uh they follow me on social media
somewhere and they’ve told me you don’t
want to lose weight and then
they’re posting pictures of this
you know cheesecake recipe uh or
posting you know things about just
things that are not
consistent with what they say their
goals are
whatever you focus on the left say it
again whatever you focus on in life
you’re going to get more of
so if you keep focusing on that
it’s going to be more challenging to sit
down and be satisfied
with your with your healthy meal just is
that’s just the way it goes
um so when i say become obsessed become
obsessed like if you took up a hobby
and so make whatever your goal is your
hobby it doesn’t have to last forever
you know i don’t still listen to
you know two or three hours of videos
and podcasts and watch
read books and stuff two hours a day
about it but but you know when i first
started that’s what i was doing i was
you know getting a lot of information
about it and uh so
focus on what you want and refuse to
focus on what you don’t want i was in
uh i was in some i’m in some keto groups
and one of the things that would
frustrate me is
is like people would post this picture
you know be like you know i can’t wait
till i can have this or
let’s let’s all share you know the thing
that we miss the most
you know and just you know kind of
fantasize about it
no no no no
i mean i get the the you want to
fantasize about about that cheesecake
you used to
love or maybe i want cheesecake i don’t
know or those french fries or whatever
but i’m telling you the more you focus
on that stuff
the more you’re going to want it best
thing you can do is put blinders on
you know when you go to the grocery
store they talk about you the grocery
store go
do the perimeter put the blinders on
don’t even don’t even let yourself be
distracted by that stuff
trying to quit drinking stop posting you
know videos and stuff about drunk people
and drinks and how you like to drink
your whiskey or whatever and and if you
you know you want to
all these things just just please obsess
about what you want
and then finally finally this thing like
i said this is crazy
uh because i’ve known about this
technique for a long time it’s in in the
work that i do we call it future pacing
so number three so the the third thing
i’m going to tell you that that can
this this idea can really make a big
difference for you
is it’s called future pacing in the work
that i do
you can think of it as rehearsal okay
if you think about it’s kind of funny
you know like an actor will rehearse
over and over and over again to get
things right to get the scene right to
get the play right the the movie right
and we’re just kind of going through
life just hoping
you know i hope it works out wouldn’t it
be better to
to help to ensure that
yeah so one of the things that you can
do and i and this i literally just
started doing it about a week and a half
because for my whole life i’ve always
had trouble getting up in the morning
and um and so
uh and i’ve tried everything you know uh
but but i finally i’m always hitting the
snooze snooze
news snooze and i finally said you know
i don’t want to do that anymore i want
to get
right up or even worse i would sometimes
wake up and i grab my phone start
looking at facebook i’m just going to
look for five minutes
next it’s been an hour i said no and
what i need to do if i want to get this
right what if i rehearsed it
because i use this with my clients all
the time that the future pacing
technique and the hypnosis
and so i said well what if i tried that
and so before i went to sleep that night
i laid there and what you’re going to do
is you’re going to visualize
or actually i should say imagine because
you can you know you’re going to i’m
going to ask you to
to visualize it and try to try to feel
what it’s like to experience it and even
hear what it’s like
but just imagine i imagine what would it
be like
what’s going to be like in the morning
when i wake up the alarm goes off and i
get right up
so i rehearse at my head okay i hear the
boom my hand throws the covers back
i grab the phone i turn off the alarm
put my feet on the floor stand up
walk straight into yes the bathroom the
um then to the coffee pot
put on my clothes and go for my walk
because that’s what i’d like to do first
thing in the morning i get my walk
in immediately and uh because if i don’t
may not happen so i did this i just
rehearsed it a few times in my head
next morning what do you know i woke up
i threw the covers back hit the uh
hit the alarm boom i’m up i’m out
and that’s been it’s last night i had
trouble just because i i had trouble
sleeping i had some
uh some difficulty there uh and so i
get a whole lot of sleep and so it was a
little difficult for me but it’s been
like a charm i don’t know why i didn’t
think of it sooner but you can use this
anything guys and what i really
recommend you use it for
is if you think you’re going to be
and so you know we’re at this time
january 2021 where a lot of us are still
in quarantine and stuff so we’re not
going to parties and things like that
um what you can think about is is those
times in the past when you’ve been
and i’ll give you a good example for me
one of the things
is um in my family when we were
uh you know when my my stepdad got paid
we went out to eat it was a celebration
and so i it’s a crazy thing it’s
ingrained in me every single time i get
i go out to eat this wouldn’t be so bad
if i got paid once or twice a week but
literally getting paid all the time you
know um sometimes people will buy one of
my programs and i
i just wake up and i’ve i’ve i’ve got
i’ve gotten paid
you know or a client could sign up any
day or i could get a show booking any
day so
um i can’t be can’t be celebrating by
going out to eat seven days a week
it’s not it’s not great and so what i do
is i rehearse it now
and and so i can rehearse i get paid
what’s what is
a better reward oh maybe it’s saving
that five bucks maybe that’d be a good
i’m gonna start you i’m gonna start
rehearsing that but you know if you’re
if you have difficulty when you go out
a restaurant with your friends or
something and you think about
oh it’s going to be tough because i’m
going to i’m going to and don’t trick
yourself don’t don’t just tell yourself
i’ll be stronger this time no no no
don’t do that you know you’re not going
to be because you know what
most of us kind of suck right we don’t
yeah we’re not good at this stuff
you know um if we were successful you
probably wouldn’t be watching this right
um but um so
rehearsal what are you gonna do you’re
gonna go you’re gonna go to the
restaurant you’re gonna
end up rehearsing your mind i’m gonna
say i won’t sell it they’re gonna ask do
you want
you know you want fries no i don’t want
fries of course not i just want the
salad i want that whatever it does have
to be salad
but you know whatever it is you want the
steak and um
potato and do you want dessert no i
don’t rehearse it
actors rehearse for a movie
for a play isn’t your life
at least as important as a movie or a
start rehearsing it all right thank you
thank you so much for watching
now i’m going to take a minute i’m going
to if you have questions please drop
them down below
and uh if you’re what if you’re
listening later on blog talk or even
you know on youtube or something please
feel free to drop comments down
or even email me and i will try to
answer your questions i’m also going to
say hi to everybody so please stick
around so i can say
hi to you one last thing before i um
move on next sunday uh
shoot i i don’t know what time but next
sunday i’m doing a
live hypnosis session my hypnotize you
through the screen
to help you to achieve your objectives
because the hypnosis is going to make
it even more powerful i won’t
necessarily say you have to use these
techniques they may not be the best ones
for you
but i’m gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna
come into it with your goals in mind
hopefully you’ve scaled them back by
then and i’m just gonna help you to be
more successful
in achieving those goals i really want
you to be successful so if you will go
this website um if you’re watching
youtube or something there’ll be
there’ll be some
link in the in the comments but it’s uh
jim kellner dot
info slash 2021 jim keller dot info
2021 what i’ll do is i’ll send you a
about the video we’ll do it live and if
you don’t get to watch it live
you’re also i’m also going to send you
the link to watch it later
and i’m even going to convert it to an
mp3 a downloadable mp3
with some music and some some sound
and so you can listen to it every night
when you go to sleep or just you know
during the day when you’re
on your lunch break or something like
that so it’s really going to cement
the information for you so please please
sign up for that i’d love to see you on
that i will hypnotize you
through the screen and next
month i can’t wait i i have someone in
mind but i haven’t
heard back if they’re available um
somebody who’s really transformed their
and i really hope that they’ll be on the
show next week
i did want to say one thing too you know
if you get a chance check out last
episode of exploring awesome when i had
dean dwyer on because
one of the things that he said is as far
as you know we talk about the
keeping it simple is he said something
about your
your minimum viable goal and so instead
you know setting your goals like maybe
your daily goals for your best day seven
for your worst day
and that’s why my goal for for um
walking is only 8 000 steps a day that’s
just a few more than i would normally
but i found when i was but i normally go
over 10 12 000
but when i had it set for 10 000
sometimes it was discouraging
and sometimes i just wouldn’t reach it
and then i’m bummed out but if it’s 8
boom no problem and i can always i can
normally push myself to get maybe at
least 9 or 10.
so so please do that just really please
please and
when you try these techniques please let
me know and let me know that they worked
so now i’m going to take a couple
minutes just to say hi to everyone
hi irina thank you so much grant you’re
so kind you’re right i am looking good
damn i’m pretty
thank you you’re looking good yourself
buddy i hope we get to see you this year
he’s another he’s a hypnotist over in
i never sure is in england or great
britain well he lives in
england but it’s called great britain i
don’t know how you guys do that thing
anyway uh yes uh kristen i’m hoping
she’s gonna be on the show sometime
too uh she says small successes build on
each other to create motivation and
propel you forward thank you kristen
let’s get you on the show you she’s got
a really remarkable story to hope i’m
not embarrassing her
and these words are gold thank you so
much uh thank you so much kristen
uh you know and she makes a great point
here so listen listen closely to this
this is super important uh and i missed
this so thank you kristen for pointing
this out
set your big goal and then reverse
engineer to the smaller
goals okay so for instance
if i want to save let’s just make it
simple i i say i want to
save 120 in 2021.
what do i need to do on a i can i can
break it down i can go quarterly i can
go monthly
i can go weekly and daily so for me at
that that stage i might say well weekly
then i need to save
um two dollars and fifty cents and
monthly i gotta save ten dollars
you know however you wanna do it and
when it comes to you know taking off
weight again here’s the
guys this is so frustrating and i know
it’s frustrating for you and i’ve been
right there
you want to take the weight off
immediately you know
uh you want that 50 pounds gone right
now but you know what
i got to tell you if you’ll just if
you’ll just take a look
what would it be like if you took a year
to take the 50 pounds off
that’s completely reasonable goal
completely reasonable what if it took
you two years
i know two years seems like a long ways
away but think back two years it
actually goes by
pretty quickly so reverse engineered i
love that scott thank you so much
hey check out scott’s channel too he’s
got a channel called he’s got a channel
called trance
time trance time i think it’s over in my
my recommended videos or things i like
or i’ll make sure that is
grant thank you so much
yes kristen uh seconds out of motion
take action become obsessed read books
oh find a mentor who has already has
what you want and listen to the experts
don’t just
try oh my goodness you know what the
try implies failure
okay when i ask well i’ll work with a
smoking client and i will not work with
them i will turn them away
until they actually can say i’m quitting
smoking it’s not
i’m going to try to quit smoking okay
there is no try
yoda said it there is no try there is
only do or
don’t do or something i like that
and so it’s uh let’s see
yeah don’t so don’t just try and look
you’re gonna fail sometimes
that’s fine but give it your all because
if you just say i’m trying
you’re setting yourself up for failure
okay kristin
uh i gotta practice visualizing closing
the ubereats
the moment i open it and stop romancing
the idea of goodies
you know that’s wow i love that phrase
romance i gotta can i use that next time
kristen i love that
romancing the idea of the goodies
because it’s so
tempting right it’s so tempting to to
fantasize to romantic
romance the ideas of that uh i guess
stuff about my cheesecake
for some reason on my mind or the ice
cream or the cookies or whatever and you
start getting the whole image
now i do have a friend dan hedrick he’s
a hypnotist out of
near portland look him up uh he actually
says that what he does is when he wants
something like that
he imagines it happening and that’s an
enjoyable experience for him
talk with dan if you want more on that
because i for me that doesn’t work it
just makes me want it more
uh thank you kristen super easy to
overwhelm yourself
and to sabotage yourself when all the
is on the goal break it down for success
jordan peterson says that we have to we
have to negotiate with ourselves
because i said we kind of suck we’re not
good like i said
you’ve broken thousands
tens of thousands of promises to
yourself you don’t believe in yourself
right now i get it but i believe in you
because i know you can change it around
once you start achieving these goals
you’re going to start believing in
and it’s going to be so much easier so
much everything in your life gets easier
because when you when you can achieve
one goal it just it compounds
you start achieving more goals and more
goals and
and when i talk about these these things
like this it’s not about it’s not
necessarily about being
you know rich and famous and being cut
and leaning these goals can be anything
you want to have a better relationship
do you want to contribute more to your
community again how do you do that
in a reasonable way how do you become
obsessed with it and how do you
visualize it to make it happen or
imagine so i keep saying visualize
because i’m very visual but just imagine
it so whatever happens for you just
imagine it happening
thank you so much for watching again i
want to i want to i want to see you next
sunday i want to see you
i want you to hear me next sunday i’m
going to do a very powerful hypnosis
it’s going to help you to make 2021
maybe just a little bit better you know
the thing is there’s a term called
in japanese and it just means
incremental change
so you know what if you were just what
if you were just one percent better next
ten percent you know if you were ten
percent better at whatever if your
health was ten percent better your
wealth was ten percent better
that’d be something right all right so
uh thanks so much for watching
uh please do uh check out this uh jim
kellner dot info
slash 2021 again if you’re watching or
listening later
it’s going to be recorded i’ll send it
to you whether it’s march or july 2025
you’re still going to get it so thanks
everybody for watching
take care be well be awesome

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