On the next episode of Exploring Awesome (April 4th at 12 pm pacific, live.) – Actor Kori Just Weighed in at 240 lbs And Realized Something Had To Change.

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I’m excited to welcome my friend, Kori Just to the show to share his journey towards healthier living. Kori is a great guy with a great attitude, I know we’re going to learn a lot from him and have some fun. It took Kori seeing himself in an episode of FATAL ENCOUNTERS to realize he had to lose weight. Weighing in at 240 lbs, he knew something had to change.

The regular diet of fast food and soda was no longer. Exercise was a must, but how does that happen when someone doesn’t want to go to a gym? Hear how Kori was able to change it all around. Kori Just is an actor specializing in interactive improv. Not only can he be seen performing live with his troupe Events On The Edge, but also in movies such as BULLETS, BLOOD, AND A FISTFUL OF CASH, and THE CHOCOLATE WAR. Kori enjoys mascot work, touring the country as fame characters.

Kori has also taken on the daunting task of writing a pun every day until Covid goes away. He did not realize that it would be around for so long. Unlike a vaccine, his hard work will not be in vein.

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