Comedy Hypnosis Show

Comedy Hypnosis like only Jim Kellner can deliver. ALL positive, ALL funny. Be the show or watch the show. Come watch Jim invite real audience members up to the stage and hypnotize them right before your eyes. You will be amazed at the transformation as you watch your friends and family or complete stranger become superstar singers, dynamite dancers, and become immersed in an imaginative world that Jim carefully crafts for them.

No embarrassment or humiliation – hypnosis volunteers are treated with respect and care. They will have more fun than anyone.

Watch a promo reel HERE

Master Hypnotist Jim Kellner has entertained audiences for over 20 years and has helped thousands of people change their lives with the power of hypnosis. He’s the author of ‘Navigating Success’ and is one of only a handful of hypnotists to have spoken on the TEDx stage. His YouTube video, ‘Kids Meet A Hypnotist‘ has been viewed over 2 million times.

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