Do you have trouble with anxiety? Let us help you with hypnosis!
You can and will get hypnotized through the screen on Friday Night Live Hypnosis!
New Format:
We will now sometimes bring in a guest hypnotist to join us.
8:30 PM – 9:00 PM Pacific Time ~ We’ll talk about and answer questions about hypnosis, get to know our guest hypnotist, and talk about success principles.
At 9:00 PM Pacific Time we’ll start the hypnosis which will run around 30ish minutes. Then we’ll answer more questions, check in with our listeners/watchers, and close out the show.
Have you ever wondered if you could be hypnotized? Have you wondered, “Does hypnosis work?” Can you really get hypnotized through the screen? Thousands already have been – why not you?
Each Friday night you have the opportunity to get hypnotized through the screen, live.
This week for the live hypnosis my co-host, Hypnotist Brian Bay, and I are again meeting up to talk hypnosis, and do hypnosis. We’ll be answering your questions and this week our special guest is our friend and colleague, Hypnotist Dan Hedrick (Hypno Man Dan http://www.hypnomandan.com/)
This week we’ll be doing helpful hypnosis. Hypnosis designed to help you achieve your goals, adopt good habits, or let go of unhelpful ones.
We’ve had requests for help with anxiety so tonight that will be our focus.
Once you see the power of your focused mind you may never go back to feeling disempowered or incapable of following your dreams and achieving your goals. Hypnosis is the key.
Get hypnotized through the screen this Friday Night Live at 8:30 PM Pacific.
Thank you for watching!
(Replay will be available right here at the end of the live hypnosis broadcast.)

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