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Brian Trendler, is a multi-tasking fool. He balances his time between owning a Graphic Design company, (We Fix Ugly Design) being a serial Small Business Networker, (Co-owner of PNA) Parenting, Husband’ing, and being a Speech Coach. With LAF Tech, he and co-founder Marcelle Allen are creating a bridge between the symptom of “I wanna be funny,” to “anyone can learn the basics of humorous speaking.” – and guess what?, it’s working. There is a need for humor in all communities and LAF Tech provides a safe environment for people to listen, learn and try. The techniques learned from embracing and developing one’s own mix of humor can be used by business professionals, entrepreunuers, young adults/students, and even a person who wants to better their relationship skills or build confidence. Our hope is that when people learn to embrace their

inner funny, that it can be turned around and used for something positive, even uplifting. Too many issues today are handled poorly, and change starts when one person learns how to laugh AT themselves. www.LAFtechNW.com / 425.420.6513 / @LAFTechNW
Your host, Jim Kellner is a Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist. He has helped thousads of people explore and experience the power of their mind through Comedy Hypnosis Shows & Hypnotherapy.JimKellnerhypnotist.com – Facebook.com/jimkellner 
Intro/Outro music was edited to include only the first 15 seconds “Awel” by stefsax. Copyright 2006 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution http://ccmixter.org/files/stefsax/7785


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