Hello Pretty People!
(And the rest of you too ????)

I was asked if I’ll be covering marketing for remote clients in my class at the Hypnothoughts Live Convention, ‘Take Your Practice Online’ (on Friday from 3:30-5:20 pm Salon A). YES, YES, YES!

Here’s the thing – I don’t consider myself an expert on marketing and this isn’t a ‘marketing class’. For something with a greater emphasis on marketing I highly recommend classes with Jason Linett or Richard Barker. There are other great ones too but I’ve taken both of their classes so I can tell you from experience that they are great.

As I say I am not an expert in marketing but I have been offered, (and delivered) a TEDx Talk on Hypnosis without having applied for it, and a video with some kids (which has performed very well), again without applying. Both of which increased my business dramatically. I will be sharing some of my top marketing tips from my ‘Marketing Yourself Fearlessly’ class.

The concentration for the class will be on doing the actual work online, (necessary tools, products, apps,) legal stuff, areas of caution, and getting comfortable/breaking through limiting beliefs about the efficacy of remote hypnosis.
My first marketing tip –
Promote the work of other Hypnotists. Yes, even the ones who do the same kind of work that you do. Yes, even the ones in the same area as you.
It builds goodwill. 

  • It may lead to them promoting something of yours.

  • Gives you more credibility.

  • Reduces ‘scarcity’ thinking.

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